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Training Courses Assist Hearing Impaired

April 14, 2009


American Red Cross of the National Capital Area offers courses that help our hearing impaired community members receive education and training to become equipped and empowered to help save lives.


The Adult CPR/AED course includes skills practice and knowledge-testing on CPR for Adult and Child as well as the proper and safe use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for both Adult’s and Children.

Click on Adult CPR/AED for more information and register today!

The First Aid with Infant and Child CPR course gives individuals the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize and provide basic first aid care for injuries and sudden illnesses to infants and children until advanced medical personnel arrive and take over.

Click on First Aid with Infant and Child CPR for more information and register today!

The Community First Aid and Safety (Adult, Infant, Child CPR and First Aid) course identifies how to respond to emergency situations by checking to see if it is safe to intervene; recognizing symptoms of a heart attack and provide care to reduce the chance of cardiac arrest; how to care for an infant, child, or adult who stops breathing; how to control bleeding; and how to care for non life-threatening emergencies such as a sprain, strain, or fracture among many other vital skills.

Click on Community First Aid and Safety (Adult, Infant, Child CPR and First Aid) for more information and register today!

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You Can Save Your Child’s Life

April 8, 2009


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Are you prepared with up-to-date education and training that can help save your child’s life?

American Red Cross’ Infant/Child CPR course can educate, equip and empower you to respond to a life-threatening emergency your child may face at any time, any place.

The course provides invaluable information about:

  • How to recognize an emergency
  • Protecting yourself
  • Applying “Check-Call-Care”
  • How to care for a child or infant who is choking
  • Prioritizing care
  • Recognizing and caring for a child or infant who is not breathing
  • Caring for cardiac emergencies 

Click  here to watch a brief news video about Red Cross’ Infant/Child CPR course. (Go to the video search field and type “moms get cpr-trained“.)


Attend a Infant/Child CPR course and obtain your certifcation by clicking here to register. To learn more about an online Infant/Child CPR course and certification, click here and start training today!

Today is the day to learn. Now is the time you can help.

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