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“Red Cross Month” is Everyday

March 31, 2009

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For the past month the American Red Cross of the National Capital Area has shared examples of how dedicated volunteers and generous donations make it possible for our Chapter to cotinue serving this community we live and work in.

But Red Cross Month does not – cannot – end March 31st.

The American Red Cross of the National Capital Area remains fully committed to actively preparing and responding to assist this community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Disasters don’t stop.

Life-saving education is crucial.

Volunteers help everyday.

Donations are always needed.


It takes everyone to make a life-saving difference in this community everyday.

Join us today.

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Prepare for Tornado Season

March 25, 2009

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Peak tornado season in southern states can occur March through May. Some people may recall the unexpected tornadoes that touched down in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area last year.

How prepared are you this year?

Make sure you Prepare a Home Tornado Plan.
Take time to Assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit.
Ensure you have communication devices ready to use so you can Stay Tuned for Storm Warnings.
Know what to do When a Tornado WATCH or WARNING is Issued.
Learn about safety After the Tornado Passes.

Click here to read more about how to be prepared in the case a tornado strikes your community.

Click here to shop at our Online Store to better prepare you and your family.

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American Red Cross of the National Capital Area Services

March 23, 2009

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Our Chapter provides a variety of vital services that help our community become educated, equipped and empowered to prevent, prepare for and respond to disasters and other life-threatening emergencies that can happen any place, any time.



You can be a big part of helping to save lives your community by volunteering your time, donating or giving blood.

Volunteers are 97% of Red Cross’ workforce. The Chapter’s committed staff members work with dedicated volunteers to ensure the Red Cross mission is fulfilled to better serve our community. Whatever your skills or whatever the amount of time you can give, you can make a difference and help save a life. Click here to volunteer now! 

Donating provides the Chapter with the necessary resources to effectively serve our community. Your generous financial gifts are greatly appreciated and provide immense flexibility to meet disaster relief needs, community education and more. Click here to donate now!

Blood donations are made voluntarily by donors from your very own community. Approximately 95% of the United States population will need blood or know someone who will. The Greater Chesapeake and Potomac Blood Services Region manages blood services within our Chapter’s metropolitan area. Every two seconds a person needs blood. Be a part of helping to save a life today!

Visit arcnca YouTube channel to view videos and learn more about our services, the volunteers who serve and the people we help.

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How Ready Are You

March 18, 2009

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Disasters can strike at any place, any time. How will you respond?

For a moment, think of these scenarios…

  • it’s in the middle of a cold winter night, your family is sound asleep, and suddenly there is a fire in your home…
  • it’s hurricane season and a tropical storm causes flash-flooding in your neighborhood…
  • it’s a hot summer afternoon and an unexpected tornado causes damage to your home…
  • Are you and your family prepared for the unexpected disaster that may strike in your community?


    Get a kit.  Have a bag with essentials (first aid, medicine, snacks, batteries for devices such as cell phones, pertinent information and documentation, etc.) ready for you to grab and go in the case of an emergency.

    Make a plan.  Have a way of being in touch with family members (and, if possible, where or how to meet), know alternate routes to travel and consider alternative means to travel around the area.

    Be informed.  Ensure there is access to a battery-powered or hand-cranked device to obtain current news and weather updates.

    It’s that simple.

    Download the Emergency Preparedness Shopping List for help in preparing.

    Shop at our Online Store to build your kit.

    It’s Flood Safety Awareness Week! Are you prepared? Click here to learn more.

    Don’t wait until tomorrow to get started. Disasters can strike at any moment. Today you can help your family prepare!

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    March 13th – One Year Anniversary of Mount Pleasant Fire in DC

    March 12, 2009


    Washington, D.C. – On March 13, 2008, the National Capital Area Chapter urgently responded with disaster relief efforts when a five-alarm fire destroyed an entire Mount Pleasant apartment complex – displacing over 200 individuals and families. During the tragic incident, the Red Cross provided care and support to the community, and today, continues to offer encouragement as residents remember the devastation they experienced one year ago.

    Learn more by clicking on: Photo; News Video; News Online; Stories from Red Cross Volunteers Who Helped; 2008 Red Cross Press Release.

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