You Can Save Your Child’s Life


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Are you prepared with up-to-date education and training that can help save your child’s life?

American Red Cross’ Infant/Child CPR course can educate, equip and empower you to respond to a life-threatening emergency your child may face at any time, any place.

The course provides invaluable information about:

  • How to recognize an emergency
  • Protecting yourself
  • Applying “Check-Call-Care”
  • How to care for a child or infant who is choking
  • Prioritizing care
  • Recognizing and caring for a child or infant who is not breathing
  • Caring for cardiac emergencies 

Click  here to watch a brief news video about Red Cross’ Infant/Child CPR course. (Go to the video search field and type “moms get cpr-trained“.)


Attend a Infant/Child CPR course and obtain your certifcation by clicking here to register. To learn more about an online Infant/Child CPR course and certification, click here and start training today!

Today is the day to learn. Now is the time you can help.

Visit for more information.


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