How You Can Help Save Lives

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Red Cross Month is a great opportunity for you to learn for the first time, or brush up on your training, about how to prevent, prepare for and respond to disasters or other life-threatening emergencies that may affect your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and community members at any place, any time.


  • while camping in the woods, your best friend is bitten by a snake…
  • you’re at work, walk into a conference room and find a colleague unconscious…
  • your teenage daughter is babysitting the neighbor’s two year old son and he starts choking…
  • during a visit to a lake, you see someone drowning…
  • your neighbor is cleaning the gutter on their roof,  falls off the ladder and breaks their arm…
  • you’re taking your dog for a walk in the park and it becomes injured…

Are you prepared to respond to similar disasters or other life-threatening emergencies?

  • If your answer is “yes”, that’s fantastic! Please encourage other people in your life to do the same. After all, it could be your life they might be saving!
  • If your answer is “no”, you certainly can be! We’re here to help you. Now is a great time to learn!

Get educated, equipped and empowered to help save the lives of your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues and community members today!

  • Register for our training classes by clicking on Get Trained and find the right course for you.
  • Register to take our online classes by clicking Online Training and get started now.

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